Are you a solicitor that works on catastrophic injury cases? Here’s how we can help your clients.

Temporary Solutions Group is a trusted provider of adapted living solutions for victims of catastrophic injuries. We regularly work with solicitors to provide their clients, that have suffered life-changing injuries, with adapted living solutions. 

Helping catastrophic injury solicitors

We understand that as a catastrophic injury solicitor, you are not only looking to provide your client with the best possible compensation, but you are also assessing their future needs and helping them adapt to life with their injuries. This is where we come in. Having worked with many solicitors across the UK, we understand the issues that can arise when solicitors are looking for the best solutions for their clients and we’re here to make sure those barriers are broken down so that your client has access to the solutions they need.

Adapted home solution

How do we assist catastrophic injury solicitors?

Depending on their injuries, victims of catastrophic accidents will often need modified homes and specialised equipment for daily tasks. We collaborate with solicitors, case managers, healthcare professionals and families to bring the clients home from hospital as soon as possible by providing them with specialised adapted home solutions.

Before creating your client’s custom solution at our headquarters, our team will assess their home and discuss their unique requirements. All of our adapted solutions can be equipped with essential medical equipment and accessories that are specific to the client and their injuries.

In order to meet the requirements of your clients, we understand that solicitors must frequently liaise with occupational therapists and case managers. We have a solid understanding of what occupational therapists and case managers need when they are examining a client’s house because of our experience in this field. Therefore, If anything further is needed to help get your client home, we can speak to them directly.

As their solicitor once the solution has been installed for your client, you will not have to worry about maintaining it. For the duration of the hire time, we deliver, install, and take care of the rest. Should the client have any inquiries, our team will take care of everything, and if any issues occur that need to be resolved, an engineer will visit the site.

Helping your clients to remain at home

The emotional distress created as a result of life-changing injuries can often be made worse when having to live in a care facility or specialist hospital. The solutions that we provide enable your clients to maintain their sense of dignity and self-esteem by allowing them to remain in their homes, surrounded by loved ones, often helping them with their recovery.

Long term solutions 

Often catastrophic injury accident victims will need long-term solutions and home adaptations which take considerable time to arrange and install. We can provide temporary solutions straight away that can be hired in the interim period for as long as they are needed.

If you are struggling to find the perfect solution for your clients, let’s work together. Our helpful staff are happy to assist. Please get in touch with us right away by dialling 01244 888 299 or submitting our online contact form. Or, learn more about our adapted home living solutions here.