We regularly work with case managers to provide adapted living solutions for their patients. As a trusted provider of adapted living solutions for healthcare services across the UK, we are well versed in the needs of patients with complex medical conditions when they are looking to return to their homes.


A case manager works with healthcare professionals and other service providers to navigate the complex care needs of their patients after an accident or illness. Their job is to evaluate the patient’s current level of ability and, their physical and social care needs. As well as this, they oversee plans to manage their condition and progress. Their main goal is to help the client regain and maintain the best possible quality of life.


Our team creates custom solutions for clients all around the United Kingdom. We are proud to provide each customer with a tailor-made solution that meets their specific requirements every time, from temporary bathrooms to adaptations and extensions to the home for those who have suffered life-changing injuries or have been given a life-altering diagnosis.

Case managers need to draw on a range of resources and services in the community for patients to receive care at home. One of the biggest challenges they face when arranging care arrangements for their patients is the lengthy waiting times for home adaptations. Without these home adaptations, patients are forced to stay in hospitals and care facilities, often stunting their rehabilitation progress. The Temporary Solutions Group deeply cares about your patient’s freedom, accessibility and dignity and we want them to be able to move back into their homes as soon as possible, which is why we aim to have our products installed in as little as one day.

We provide a range of solutions to suit patients with a variety of medical needs including but not limited to:

Temporary living solutions


We aim to work with case managers to ensure that their patients can return home as soon as possible so that they can focus on their rehabilitation. Due to our extensive experience, we understand that no two patients are the same. This is why we will work with you from your initial enquiry to identify adaptations that can enhance your patients’ lives. We provide both short-term and long-term solutions so you can rest assured your patient can keep their temporary facilities for as long as they need it.


If you are a case manager that is organising for your patients to return home, but you have been faced with a lengthy wait time for home adaptions, we can help. Our team has created and installed bespoke adapted living solutions in patients’ homes across the United Kingdom. We design highly adaptable products that can meet the requirements of your client’s medical needs, taking into consideration the accessibility of their home. Our team of installers carry out a survey of your patient’s home before manufacturing their temporary solution, to ensure delivery and installation are as efficient as possible. Get in touch today by filling out our simple enquiry form or calling us on 01244 888299 or learn more about our temporary solutions by clicking here.