Individuals & Families

Life often throws challenges and obstacles in our path and it’s at these times we rely on family the most. A sudden acquired injury, long-term health issue, such as a stroke or dementia and even old age can mean a complete change to living arrangements. This is where we can help; providing temporary, rentable solutions designed to turn an inaccessible home into a safe, disabled-living environment, removing one of the main barriers to hospital discharge and a family being together.

We can adapt our products to create tailored solutions that can be delivered and installed within days. Our solutions do not require planning permission, a crane, or any alteration to an existing property – making them the perfect addition to a rental property. Whether it’s a solution for those who are waiting for home adaptation or an interim answer. Our goal is to keep families together during a difficult time when family is needed the most.


Speak to us

We work with families, care coordinators and healthcare professionals to find the right solution for the individual – whatever the circumstance. Our services also encompass a nationwide property search facility meaning rental properties also become a viable option.

Provide a solution

Tailored to the individual and family’s needs and delivered in days to provide an immediate, interim solution. Our temporary, rentable solutions are designed to turn an impractical home into a safe and accessible environment, removing one of the main barriers to hospital discharge and providing a place of recovery, rehabilitation, independence and dignity.

Continuing 24/7 support

As client’s needs change, so can our solution and we are on hand throughout the hire period, whatever the request.

Our process
Benefits for individuals and families


  • Time and support from family at home
  • Speed of service and 24/7 support
  • Enables downstairs living
  • Suitable for all complex and vulnerable care needs
  • Minimum disruption
  • Enables rapid hospital discharge
  • Removed without a trace when not needed
  • Transforming inaccessible to accessible