Housing and NHS

The pressures experienced by the NHS, Local Authorities and Housing Associations are well publicised. The necessity to meet the needs of those who depend upon your services whilst balancing budgets means innovative solutions must be sought. The problem is that innovative can often mean new and when you are dealing with people’s lives and well-being the risk can often out way the benefit.

This is where we can help; with over 10 years of supporting the insurance industry and enviable Trust Pilot reviews, we can be relied upon to provide not only solutions that meet the needs of the public, but your needs too.

We can adapt our products to create tailored solutions that can be delivered and installed within days. There is no need for planning permission, a crane, or adaptation to an existing property – removing one of the main barriers to rapid hospital discharge and filling the housing void for vulnerable customers. Our temporary, rentable solutions are ideal during home refurbishment, repairs and adaptations or whilst an alternative property is found.


Speak to us

We work with housing associations, care coordinators and healthcare professionals to find the right solution for the individual – whatever the circumstance. Our services also encompass a nationwide property search facility meaning rental properties also become a viable option.

Provide a solution

Tailored to the individual and family’s needs and delivered in days to provide an immediate, interim solution. Our temporary, rentable solutions are designed to turn an impractical home into a safe and accessible environment, removing one of the main barriers to hospital discharge and providing a place of recovery, rehabilitation, independence and dignity.

Continuing 24/7 support

As client’s needs change, so can our solution and we are on hand throughout the hire period, whatever the request.

Adapted Living process


  • Speed of service and 24/7 supports
  • Enables downstairs living
  • Cost effective compared to alternatives
  • Flexible hire agreements
  • Minimum disruption
  • Multiple solutions available 
  • Suitable for all complex and vulnerable care needs
  • Adapting existing properties to fill the housing void