Case Managers & Occupational Therapists

We understand that many people with life-changing injuries, including spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and limb amputation(s), find that their home is no longer suitable for their needs. The challenges around finding appropriate rental accommodation or waiting for planning permission on home adaptations can prove costly and cause delays to hospital discharge.

This is where we can help; providing temporary, rentable solutions designed to turn an inaccessible
home into a safe, disabled-living environment
, speeding up hospital discharge and enabling families to be together. If their home is no longer suitable our services also offer a nationwide property search and relocation service.

Working with Case Managers, we design tailored solutions that can be delivered and installed within days. There is no need for planning permission, a crane, or adaptation to an existing property – making them the perfect addition to a rental property. Whether it’s a solution for those waiting for home adaptation or an interim answer while looking to relocate, there is no reason to deprive a family of time together or delay the rehabilitation of the individual.


Speak to us

We work with families, case managers, legal teams and relocation specialists to find the right solution for all parties – whatever the circumstance.

Provide a solution

Tailored to the client’s needs and delivered in days to provide an immediate, interim solution whilst a more permanent solution is sought. Our services also encompass a nationwide property search facility meaning rental properties also become a viable option.

Continuing 24/7 support

As needs change, so can the solution and we are on hand throughout the hire period, whatever the request.


  • Bespoke to individuals requirements
  • No planning permission or adaptations required
  • One contact point for all relocation needs
  • National coverage
  • No crane or lifting equipment required
  • Flexible hire agreements 
  • Suitable for all complex and medical care needs
  • Transforming inaccessible to accessible