The education, community and practical support given by charities is invaluable during illness and recovery, and especially so to those who have acquired a sudden life-changing injury. Understanding all the options available both now and in the future supports those affected, enabling them to move from injury to maximum independence – which is a key aim for Temporary Adapted Living Solutions.

Our products are designed to bridge the gap allowing those affected to return home or to their family before permanent long-term decisions and changes are made. Some of the solutions we offer include: wet room extensions, bedroom extensions, and temporary living accommodations.


Speak to us

We work with families, care coordinators and healthcare professionals to find the right solution for the individual – whatever the circumstance. Our services also encompass a nationwide property search facility meaning rental properties also become a viable option.

Provide a solution

Tailored to the individual and family’s needs and delivered in days to provide an immediate, interim solution. Our temporary, rentable solutions are designed to turn an impractical home into a safe and accessible environment, removing one of the main barriers to hospital discharge and providing a place of recovery, rehabilitation, independence and dignity.

Continuing 24/7 support

As client’s needs change, so can our solution and we are on hand throughout the hire period, whatever the request.

Our process


  • Speed of service and 24/7 supports
  • Bespoke to individuals requirements
  • No planning permission or adaptations required
  • Enables downstairs living
  • Flexible hire agreements
  • Removed without a trace when not needed 
  • Enables rapid hospital discharge
  • Transforming inaccessible to accessible