Are you an occupational therapist? Here’s why you’ll love our home adaptations

As a trusted provider of adapted living solutions for healthcare services across the UK, we have collaborated with many occupational therapists both privately and through the NHS. 

Having seen the challenges that occupational therapists face when organising for their patients to be able to return home to a safe and comfortable environment, we decided to make it our mission to make the life of every occupational therapist and case manager easier, whilst enriching the lives of the people that matter the most, the patients themselves.

Every patient is different, that’s why our solutions are too

By working closely with occupational therapists, case managers and medical professionals we’ve learned that every patient’s requirements are different, even if they have suffered the same injury or been given a similar diagnosis.

A one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn’t work, which is why we always provide bespoke solutions that ensure every need of the patient is met, enabling them to return home, maintain their dignity and enjoy the creature comforts they know and love.

How can we help Occupational Therapists and Case Managers get their patients home?

We know that enabling your patients to return home can be easier said than done. Previously specific adaptations to the home that may be required may not have been possible, whether that be due to restricted access, space or the facilities in place at the patient’s property.

We decided it was time for this situation to become a thing of the past and for the limitations of a patient’s property to stop being a barrier to their recovery or quality of life.

By gaining invaluable insight from Case Managers and Occupational Therapists across the country, our team have designed and installed bespoke adapted living solutions in the homes of patients across the UK.

We have ensured that bespoke adapted solutions are readily available for every part of the home, and if the solution doesn’t exist, we will design and build it!

To date, our solutions have included bedrooms with electronic hoists, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, and accessible kitchens that include height-adapted worktops and appliances to name a few and our range of solutions are continually expanding as we strive to ensure every patient can return home when they are ready to do so.

Nothing will stop us from getting your patients home

If your patient has a specific requirement we will ensure that need is met.

But we’re often asked, ‘How can we guarantee this?’ 

Because our team control the entire process in-house, from the initial enquiry or brief being received through to construction, we can ensure the highest levels of quality are maintained and all requirements are considered during the design stage.

Our team of designers work closely with Case Managers and Occupational Therapists and medical professionals to create a bespoke solution that meets a patient’s medical requirements in addition to complimenting their home life.

The Temporary Solutions Group installation team then install the necessary home adaptations, whether it be in a flat on the 10th floor of an apartment building, terraced property, detached home or anything in between.

Your patients also have added peace of mind that the solution is theirs as long as they need it thanks to our no minimum term for hire policy, allowing them to concentrate on their health without worrying about their home.

Let’s work together to bring your patients home

We want to make the job of home assessments as easy as possible for all Case Managers and medical staff including Occupational Therapists, whilst also ensuring patients can return to the familiar and comforting surroundings of their homes as soon as they are ready to do so.

If you are struggling to find the perfect solution for your patients, let’s work together. Our friendly team are happy to help. Please contact us today by calling 01244 888 299 or completing our online enquiry form.

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