Temporary 3m x 3m Modular Adaptive Wet Room Extension

12th May 2022 – INITIAL ENQUIRY 

CUSTOMER CIRCUMSTANCE: The client was moved into a rental property whilst suitable permanent accommodation was sought. The rental property did not have suitable bathroom facilities and the client required assistance from one carer to wash and dress. 

The Case Manager contacted TSG on 12th May 2022 to discuss options for an external bathroom/washpod that could be connected to the house via the patio doors. The client used a power wheelchair and therefore required sufficient space for himself and the carer to move around freely. The client also required a wash and dry toilet with level access shower, wall-mounted shower seat with arms, sink and non-slip flooring. The solution would only be required on a short-term basis as the rental property was contracted for 24- months whilst permanent accommodation was sought. 

23rd May 2022 – TSG SOLUTION 

A site survey was completed on 23rd May to ascertain the space available at the rental property along with utilities such as water, waste and electricity. 

It was determined that a 3m x 3m Disabled Wet Room could be constructed on the patio at the rear with a threshold/door ramp, to include :- wash and dry smart toilet with right-hand transfer, wet-room style shower with carer screen and wheelchair accessible handwash basin. The Case Manager also advised that a hoist may be required at a later date.

 On 26th May the Case Manager advised that formal instruction to proceed had been received from the Financial Deputy, with permission from the Landlord. 

30th May 2022 – OUTCOME 

Within 1 week of receiving authorisation to proceed, TSG installed and commissioned the specified 3m x 3m Disabled Wet Room in 1 day. Once constructed, the Wet Room became a temporary extension to the existing property and the client was able to access the bathroom facilities with his carer.