Temporary 3m x 3m Modular Disabled Wet Room and link corridor

Temporary 3m x 3m Modular Disabled Wet Room and link corridor

October 28th, 2018 – INITIAL ENQUIRY:

TSG were contacted by the MoD, who were initially interested in using the disabled Bathroom Pods to enable an injured serviceman to return home from hospital to spend Christmas with his family. The client had been in hospital for over 18 months, having been involved in an accident and the MoD were keen to reunite the family over the festive period.


The serviceman was wheelchair bound and the only toilet and bathing facilities at the property were on the first floor and inaccessible to the customer.

November 9th , 2018 – TSG SOLUTION:

Unfortunately, the only viable location for the Bathroom Pod was at the back of the property which could not be accessed directly. If a Pod were to be provided, it would need to be lifted by crane over the house – this would be a major additional expense and would likely make the hire unfeasible.

TSG suggested that, rather than the mobile Bathroom Pod, they could provide the same facilities, wet room, toilet, basin, etc. within a modular housing unit. The Modular Pod flatpack design means it can, where needed, be transported through the property and constructed within the available space at the rear of the property. The Pod could also be linked to the property and a ramp provided so that the user could access the Pod directly from the house.

December 14th, 2018 – OUTCOME:

Within a week of the plans being agreed by the MoD and the client, TSG were able to install and commission the Wet Room and corridor in one day. Once constructed, the Wet Room became a temporary extension to the existing property and the user was able to access the bathroom facilities unaided. The Pod was in place with the client for 23 days over the Christmas period, then collected and removed (at a time convenient to the family) once the client had returned to hospital.

TSG were subsequently asked to provide the Pod again over the Easter break so the family could again be together.


Customer: The Temporary Kitchen Company installed a temporary Wet Room so my son could come home for Christmas after being in hospital for 18 months. He sustained an injury while serving in the Royal Navy. All the staff were amazing, and I would highly recommend them. They made our Christmas dream a reality. Thank You Temporary Solutions Group.

Mrs C, Essex.

Case Manager – The Temporary Solutions Group were engaged over the Christmas break to supply a temporary Wet Room and WC to allow an injured Sailor to return home for Christmas. The work was completed on time and the family were delighted with the professionalism of the staff and the quality of the installation. The cost of the hire was very good value for money, and we look forward to working with the company in the future.

Tim O’Connor Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association for Greater London.